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 Many well-skilled and motivated ESSTT College teams propose and eleborate with great interest solutions to the daily problems in industry. Here are some of the numerous assistance activities:

  •   updating program in the field of maintenance and the implementation of the        computer-aided manufacturing software in SOFOMECA.

  •   Fault analysis and fault diagnosis of spare parts and equipments in (CPG, STEG).

  •  Optimization of the conditions of using materials (AMS, SOFOMECA)

  •  Optimization of surface treatment to reach the best duration of products used in (STEG, SOFOMECA, F3T, SNCFT).

  •  Corrosion and optimization of control tools used to reduce the corrosion of Petrol-chemical equipment (ETAP).

The ESSTT also provides additional skills in other important fields such as : quality insurance, materials, mechanical production process, reliability, maintenance, robotics,…



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