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Upon the request of many industrial plants, specific continuing education programs are elaborated and taught the technical staff of these industries in many fields of interest, such as :

  •  Computer Aided Design (CAD) /Computer Aided Drawing  (CADr)

  •  Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) 

  •  System reliability

  •  Computer Aided Maintenance Management (CAMM)

  •  Industrial electric network

  •  Stock management

  •  Computer science in industry

  •  Automatic control

  •  Raw materials 

  •  Mechanical production

  •  Software and hardware in industry

  •  Materials and corrosion analysis

The industries and institutions which follow these continuing education programs are : RNTA, SOFOMECA, CPG, SOTUFEM, Higher education ministry staff.

The participants in these continuing education programs have the opportunity to practise and manipulate individually or in groups advanced technological equipments and worldwide known softwares such as : ProEngineer, CATIA in CAM, Autocad in computer aided drawing, PlanPro in CARM



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