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Studies & Diploma

  • Masters

 The courses in the College are not limited to the undergraduate level. A graduate course is offered to student following the Masters' Degree programs in Automatic control/ Production Engineering and in Process Engineering / Mechanical Engineering manufacturing.


Master's  Degree program in Automatic Control/Production engineering

   This graduate program is based on the principe good knowledge well producing. It is intended to grasp the up-to-date knowledge in Automatic's advanced control theory and production engineering.

Master's Degree program in Process engineering and Mechanical manufacturing

   This graduate program is a direct interaction between many industrial plants transforming raw steel, plastic, and composite materials using standard manufacturing process and new procedures based on plastic deformation, by melting, by mechanical synthesis, by assembling and mechanical welding…

Specialized Master : One-year-post-graduate diploma in quality and productivity

   This multidisciplinary program intends to give students diverse profiles and advanced skill of knowledge and performance allowing them to grasp a high level of qualification in the field of quality and industrial productivity.

Specialized Master : One-year-post-graduate diploma certificate

   This program is followed by those who have the intention to take the exam of pedagogical teaching performance in the fields of :

-   Mechanical engineering

-   Electrical engineering

-   Civil engineering.

  • Doctorate

The ESSTT was entitled from September 2003 to decree the Doctorate diplomas in: 

  •  Electrical Engineering

  •  Mecanics Engineering


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