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The ESSTT is an important component in the University of Tunis institution network.  Since its creation in 1994, this school has been acting to promote the quality of its production in diverse areas of research and teaching. It is continuously opened on its industrial environment.

It offers a high university skill level in terms of development of research, which represents the heart of the teaching-renovation process. Moreover, the school is opened in the field of transfer of technology which represents the main tool for improving the knowledge of education and industrial environment.  

  In order to achieve their objectives, the ESSTT has a staff of about 200 teachers / researchers and more than 100 technicians and workers in the different offices and laboratories. Sometimes the school asks for collaboration from industry and foreign experts.

  Many up-to-date pedagogical equipments and plants are spread in many laboratories and workshops and used daily by our students and researchers in order to achieve the best level of training and quality of studies.

  The school is opened on the industrial environment in the framework of a technology transfer strategy launched together with a network of universities and institutions from France and Canada.

  This raises the school to the best place where the national effort is currently concentrated.

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