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Seven  research units in :

 1- Production, signal and image processing

   The research topics addressed in this unit are connected to the two following areas:       

- Automated production systems : Modeling and simulation, Maintainability, reliability, maintenance and security.

- Image and signal processing.

The research projects covering these two areas are driven by industrial and medical applications.

2- Molecular physics

  The research activities cover two themes :

- Infrared absorption rays profiles of molecules of atmospheric and astrophysics' interest. 

- Implementation of a new technique which goes beyond acknowledged limits of existing apparatus in dermatology and oncology.     

3- Solid-state conductors and electronic process

The current Research in this unit deals with the study of  electronic, optical and structural properties of amorphous silicium and its alloy with carbon and nitrate. 

4- Systems, energy and environment.

The undertaken research activities are connected to the study and analysis of systems with emphasise on energetic and environment aspects.

5- Solid mechanics, structures and technological development.

  The following activities are currently undertaken by the members of this unit

- Development of CAD/CAM software

- Materials characterization for mechanical tests

- Development of materials transformation simulation software

- Static and dynamic study of structures

6- Unity of Technology of Information and Communication (UTIC)

This research team studies the electronic long-distance teaching systems and plate-forms through the world wide web. The main activities consist in developing innovative technological tools offering more efficiency to teaching and learning processes based on  new communication and information technologies. This team also works on designing and studying new pedagogic approaches adapted to electronic long-distance teaching. (some publications on the subject).

7- Organic Molecular Chemistry

The global objective of the research activities of this unit is the elaboration of new organic components with a very wide field of application, specially for the vesicle in medicine which still remains a subject of great interest. 


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