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International coopération

Technological survey


Since the main purpose of the College is to form a well tunisian skilled persons in technology areas, the best quality of human resources usually makes the difference.

   As the College (ESSTT) is constantly aware of this, many efforts are made in continuing education and training of its own staff in order to follow the evolution and the update of science and technology and also the newest pedagogical means and methods. This maintains the staff at a high level of knowledge.

In this context, the diverse activities handled together with French universities and Laboratories allowed  more than 40 teachers and researchers to spend  about a hundred training periods of 1 to 6 months each.

During these periods these people have performed research, continuing education and in-service training in different important French universities and institutions.

Moreover, in order to spread its collaboration and reinforce it, the school has joined a great cooperation network with Canadian universities.

moreover, the school has launched a great program of collaboration in the field of research, formation, pedagogical training program etc…

More than thirty teachers and researchers spent about 40 training periods of 1 to 6 months eachwhich enabled them to learn new technologies oriented towards the industry and the teaching field.

In addition  many of these people still have continuing collaboration with Canadian institutions and up to now many joint research papers have been elaborated together.

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