XW'07 : 1st XtremWeb Users Group Workshop

February 9/10, 2007, Hammamet, Tunisia

For the last seven years XtremWeb has been established as an open source middleware for Desktop Grid, contributing to the popularity of this computing model in academia and industry. The XtremWeb platform, when deployed over networks of common Desktop PCs, provides an efficient and cost effective solution to supply high computing power to a wide range of application domains : bioinformatics, molecular synthesis, high energy physics, numerical analysis and many more. At the same time, many researches around Xtremweb has explored new challenging issues of Desktop Grid : scheduling, security, communication integration in Grid, programming models and P2P architecture.

The "1st XtremWeb Workshop" will provide the opportunity to asses the state of art researches and development, large scale deployments and real-life applications. The workshop addresses not only users and developers of Xtremweb but also people interested in Desktop Grid. The workshop will take place in the very charming city of Hammamet in Tunisia. It is intended as a forum for the community to share experience acquired with XtremWeb, and discuss current and future developments.

Workshop Program

Workshop program will be organized as follow:


Friday 02/9


Tutorial - XtremWeb-CH (9h00 -10h30  and 11h-12h30) (Pause 10h30-11h)

Installing XtremWeb-CH, Deploying Applications and Monitoring the Platform.

Lunch (12h30 - 14h)

Workshop Opening (14h - 14h15)


Session 1 - Enhancing XtremWeb (14h15 - 16h)

1. XtremWeb-CH : A Large Scale Distributed Platform for High Performance Computing, Nabil Abdennadher and Regis Boesch, Ecole d'Ingénieurs de Genève, Suisse.

2. YML: a Workflow Global Computing Environment, Nahid Emad, Versailles, France.

3. Bitdew: Towards Data Intense Application on XtremWeb, Gilles Fedak, INRIA, France.

4. The GTRS: Creation of a Tunisian Grid for Scientific Research based on XtremWeb-CH, Heitham ABBES, UTIC, Tunis, Tunisia.


Pause (16h-16h30)


Session 2 - XtremWeb in Production (16h30-18h30):

Application, Experience and Achievements

1. Porting PHYLIP Phylogenetic Package on the Desktop GRID platform XtremWeb-CH, Saber Riahi, Tunis, Tunisia.

2. Deploying a Hand Writing recognition Application, Mohamed Laabidi and Maher Khemakhem, Miracl, Sfax-Tunisia

3. Sparse computation with XtremWeb-CH Olfa Hamdi, Versailles/Tunis.

4. Application Based Iterative Methods on XtremWeb, Haiwu He, Hohai University (Chine)/INRIA (France),


Saturday 02/10


Session 3 - Researches around Desktop Grids, XtremWeb and XtremWeb-CH (9h-12h30)

This session will present hot topics in Desktop Grid research and results obtained using XtremWeb and XtremWeb-CH as an experimental platform.

1 Toward Transparent Execution of Legacy Sun-RPC Services over Desktop Grids, Oleg Lodygensky and Gilles Fedak, LAL, France.

2 Characterizing Desktop Grids Resources, Paul Malécot INRIA France

3 Characterizing Result Errors in Internet Desktop Grids Derrick Kondo, INRIA, France

Pause (10h30-11h)

4 Tasks Scheduling with Budget Constraint in P2P Grids, Zied Zaidi et Ahmed Eleuch, UTIC-CRISTAL, Tunis, Tunisia

5 Tasks Scheduling with Reservation in P2P Grids, Adel Essafi et Amine Mahjoub, UTIC, Tunis, Tunisia.

6 Result Certification and Fault tolerance in P2P Grids Rim Chayeh, UTIC, Tunis, Tunisia.


Lunch (12h30-14h)


Session 4 - Emerging Themes in Research Around Desktop Grids (14h-16h)


This session, follow by a panel discussion, will present future trends and direction of Desktop Grid Computing


1 JaceP2P: an Environment for Asynchronous Computations on Peer-to-Peer
Networks, Raphael Couturier, l'Université de Franche Comté, France

2. OmniStorage Yoshiro Nakajima, University of Tsukuba, Japan

3. 3rd Generation Desktop Grids Franck Cappello, INRIA, France

4.  PHD Forum : 5 minutes presentations for Phd students to present new directions related to their PHD thesis and grid computing topic.


Pause (16h-16h30)


Panel Discussion (16h30-17h30)

Concluding the workshop, a panel session will discuss future direction in research and development. This discussion will help the community to share their works and collectively establish a roadmap for the next Xtremweb releases.

Local Information

Workshop will take place in the 5 stars Hotel Al Mouradi in Hammamet (http://www.elmouradi.com/process/hotel/hotel_selection.aspx?id=706).

The workshop fee is 100 Euros, with an extra of 20 euros for single room, which encompasses 2 hotels nights, breakfeast, lunch and diner, as well as workshop fees.

Workshop Chairs

For contact and information about the workshop :

General chair Gilles Fedak INRIA fedak@lri.fr
Program chair Nabil Abdennadher EIG Genève nabil.abdennadher@hesge.ch
Local chair Mohamed Jemni ESST Tunis mohamed.jemni@fst.rnu.tn